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Mayor still can’t get Waste Management no-bid contract through

The bill that would give Waste Management $750 million dollars to run Trail Ridge Landfill through a no-bid contract was once again deferred in Council Committees this week – even after the Mayor sent unsolicited letters to people defending his decision to award the contract without a bid.

The next Committee meetings are scheduled for the week of February 17th (Monday the 16th is a holiday).

BTW, I can’t tell you how many people I heard say that they were either irritated or offended that the Mayor would send them an unsolicited E-mail about the no-bid contract.  Evidently, Mayoral staff culled the E-mail addresses from the Mayor’s normal E-mailing list, plus E-mail addresses from CPACs and E-mail addresses from people calling to complain about City services.  The people who had not given him permission to use their E-mail address for his unsolicited letter were not amused.


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  1. abelharding says:

    Too funny. That’s exactly what happened to me. I have e-mailed the City General Counsel’s Office before requesting information on a document and suddenly, I find myself the recipient of the Mayor’s continuous e-mails justifying his decision to refuse to bid out this contract. I didn’t realize the Mayor had a right to SPAM me.

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