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Property Tax Cap Will Not be on 2010 Ballot

A proposal pushed by former Florida House Speaker (and likely US Senate Candidate) Marco Rubio that would put a cap on property taxes statewide is off the 2010 ballot.  From the AP:

The Florida Supreme Court has knocked a proposal for a property tax cap off the 2010 ballot.

The proposal is a citizen initiative that would cap property taxes at 1.35 percent of the highest taxable value of a home, business or other real estate, although voters could approve exceptions.

Petition sponsors Cut Property Taxes Now said tax cuts ordered by law last year and through another state constitutional amendment passed in January 2008 don’t go far enough.

The justices could only determine if the proposal covered a single subject and had a clear and accurate title and ballot summary.

In an opinion posted Friday, five justices said the proposal was exempt from the single-subject requirement, but its ballot summary was misleading.

The initiative was exempt from the single-subject requirement because it directly limits the power of government to raise revenue, the opinion said.

However, according to the opinion, the initiative’s ballot summary was misleading because it failed to point out that any property taxes approved by voters cannot extend for longer than two years. The majority also found that the summary was inconsistent with the language of the amendment.


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