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Sansom’s jet hangar

Well, a few rocks have been turned over on Sansom’s jet hangar and look what’s been found. 

Although Destin Jet is about to open and Jay Odom has known for more than a year that a college building will go up instead of his maintenance facility, he has yet to tell county officials how he’ll meet their FAA-recommended mandate to offer repair service. [St. Pete Times]

Hmmm….maybe Odom and Sansom did intend for him to use that facility for his jets after all.


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  1. Flyguy says:

    Well, they’re open – with maintenance, flight school and everything Odom promised he’d have. Terminal looks good and gas is cheap.

    Maybe the St Pete Times got it wrong – AGAIN!

    Never let anything get in the way of a good story – especially the truth!

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