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Mayor Peyton Desperate

Mayor Peyton is desperately trying to ensure his buddy, Paul Harden, gets the proposed no-bid contract for Waste Management to run the Trail Ridge Landfill through City Council.  The proposed contract expands the current landfill considerably and would provide for Waste Management to run the entire site.  Now the Mayor is saying, and more importantly agreeing with Paul Harden and Waste Management, that the contract is just an extension of the existing contract to run the Trail Ridge Landfill – and therefore, it can’t be put out to bid.

HA!  What a joke.

At least as recently as October 18, 2008 (and for many years before that), it was and has been the City’s position that the current landfill agreement only covers 144 acres and expires in 5-7 years when the 144 acres is filled.  [Times-Union]

I guess Peyton will do anything for his good buddy Paul Harden.  Even to the point of flipping his position to avoid having to put the contract out to bid and sending out letters in his own defense to anyone who has ever written him.

What does the Mayor take us citizens and City Council members for?  A bunch of dummies?


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  1. gatorblue says:

    All I know is that he needs to stop sending me e-mails defending his decision. Buck up and take the heat, Mr. Mayor. If you continue to make poor decision, expect to be called on the carpet for it.

  2. bubba says:


    If you had an inkling of what the contract states you wouldn’t come onto a public forum and embarrass yourself so bad.

    Littlepage is in cahoots with the opposition and the opposition could care less about fair and balanced government.

    The opposition wants this process to come to a halt so they can bid on hauling the garbage out of the county for twice as much as the idiot taxpayers are putting out for disposal now.

    So blowhard,haul your DA on down the road.

  3. gatorblue says:

    Dearest Bubba,

    I consider it an honor to be called a “blowhard” by someone named Bubba.

    I do have an inkling what is in the contract. And, I don’t consider myself in poor company when the local newspaper AND numerous City Council members are calling for an open bid process. If the Mayor truly cared about the City, he would embrace open government. That includes bidding out our contracts.

    Come back with actual facts and we will be happy to hear you. (Oh, and thanks for visiting Adam!)

  4. Jose says:

    Give me a break, there is NEVER an excuse for a non-open bid contract.

    Please give me a rationalization for why there is no open bid on this, and I will call you full of crap.

  5. bubba says:


    There are only a couple of holdouts on the council and you know why??

    They have agreed that the existing contract is the best way to go.

    Does the City screw up at times? Lord yes but this event is the right way, it’s actually a horrible contract for the “contractor” but it leaves out the rebid process and that is very costly and time consuming, so that is the only thing that is in the contractors court.

    As far as the TU caring about the contract, well that’s bull, they just want controversy because controversy sells ad space.

    So goober, that is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

  6. bubba says:


    Make sure you use clean rags on my car the next time you wash it.


  7. g8rluvr says:


    What I found interesting about the Waste Management no-bid contract survey was that only roughly 30% of Jacksonville’s citizens were aware of of the contract and about 87% of those 30% were against awarding it without going through the bid process.

    Even more interesting though, of the approximately 70% of the citizens who were not aware of the contract, a whopping 89% of them were against awarding the contract without going through the bid process.

    But most interesting to me was that even for the majority of folks who liked Peyton (58%), his vouching for the contract being a “good deal” didn’t convnce them that it shouldn’t go through the bid process.

    The overwhelming support received by the bid process versus the negotiated contract approach is
    equaled by the desire for transparency in the contract. Nearly nine out of 10 or 86% support both a bid process and a contract with transparency for the management of the Trail Ridge Landfill. Jacksonville residents support this by huge margins regardless of what area of the city they live in, what their age is or what their educational attainment is.

    In other words, don’t expect for citizens to trust you if there’s no transparency in what you’re doing.


    Go back and read through some of the posts here at Jacksonville Politics on the no bid contract, they give a pretty good description of why this no-bid contract is such a bad deal for Jacksonville.

    And Bubba, thanks for weighing in on behalf of the City. I had no idea the City Solid Waste Division’s clerical support supervisors’ were so involved in high level contract negotiations.

  8. Jose says:

    Nice representation of the city, a little racist joke. Good on you.

    I am an attorney, BTW, the only time I will be washing your car is at a charity event.

  9. bubba says:

    “a little racist joke”

    It wasn’t meant to be “racist” It was meant to be a representation of a menial job, It’s a shame that you have a mind set that relates all menial jobs to race.

    Have a good day Homer

  10. bubba says:


    I don’t work for the city.

    BTW, you are still wrong Goober.

  11. Bob says:

    “It wasn’t meant to be “racist” It was meant to be a representation of a menial job”

    Thats what all you guys say to hide your intention. Why would you make a joke about a menial job in relation to Jose? Did he say anything to that effect? No. Your silly excuse does not fly. Your name calling is not helping your case, it just make you look like a tool.

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