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Property Taxes Capped in 2009?

Unless local governments decide to override the state cap—something Jacksonville’s City Council has shown an unwillingness to do—they could wind up with lower revenues in 2009 to meet growing demand for basic public services. From the Orlando Sentinel:

Tax assessments on primary homeowners in Florida will basically be capped in 2009 — unless local governments raise their millage — state officials have announced.

That could be good news for strapped homeowners, who may not see higher tax bills.

But it also may deal another multimillion-dollar blow to local governments already struggling with declines in tax revenues used to provide basic services such as fire and police protection, libraries and garbage pickup.

A preliminary estimate Friday by Orange County Property Appraiser Bill Donegan said the near-cap on assessments could result in a nearly $9 million loss, against the $724 million in property taxes that Orange County government collected last year.


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