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Sansom: Ethics problems and a Prayer Breakfast?

A grand jury decided Monday to look into allegations that House Speaker Ray Sansom abused his position by taking a six-figure job at his hometown college.

“From this point on, we’ll be calling witnesses,” State Attorney Willie Meggs said at the Leon County Courthouse. “I don’t know what we’re going to find until we look. We will get the people who have this information and present it to the grand jury.” [St. Pete Times]

Meanwhile, back in the Legislature:

Rep. Bill Galvano has called for a special investigator to look into a complaint that Speaker Ray Sansom violated House ethics rules calling for a legislator to uphold the respect and responsibility of office.

“Given his role as speaker, it’s more prudent to have a special investigator,” Galvano told the Times/Herald. His other option was to call for a panel of House members. “It’s a difficult situation. I found it very difficult myself. With a third party, you’re going to get more objectivity.”

Galvano said he found a second part of the complaint — that Sansom used his position for personal gain after steering millions to Northwest Florida State College — insufficient because the citizen based that solely on newspaper reports, not personal knowledge. [St. Pete Times]

Of course, Sansom continues to declare he has done no wrong. 

And here’s the best joke of all – Sansom is scheduled to be a keynote speaker at an upcoming prayer breakfast in Pensacola. The purpose of the breakfast is to encourage moral and spiritual values in government. HA!  They may wish to reconsider who their keynote speaker is at this point.

In case you haven’t realized it, you’re no longer in Kansas, Mr. Clean.  So click your heels together and repeat after me:  “There’s no place like home.  There’s no place like home.  There’s no place like home.”  If the citizens of Florida are very, very lucky, when we all wake up that’s where you’ll be – at home, instead of being the Speaker of the House and a member of the Florida Legislature.


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