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Shirk lets 5 more PDs go

Five more Public Defenders were let go by Matt Shirk.  According to News4jax.com, Shirk let the attorneys go due to budget issues.  But according to PDO water cooler talk, the attorneys were let go due to pictures of donuts posted around the office – which Shirk supposedly thought represented the “hole left in the PDO” from the previous firings.

This is worse (or better, depending on your perspective) than a soap opera.


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  1. Jose says:

    Dont forget that they were “escorted” from their offices by armed investigators (who were also rifling through some of their desks as they were getting fired).

    One of them had his holster unclipped and his hand on the weapon. (the PD he was escorting was a 110 pound woman).

    Also, they were all junior attorneys who were making base salary. If that article is to be believed, Mr Shirk is lowering the base pay for new attorneys while raising the pay for his cop buddy investigators.


    I thought he was supposed to be the “hero” to the junior attorneys.

    Not to mention that 14 of the 20 the attorneys fired so far have been white women. Not one white female attorney has been hired….

  2. spidey says:

    The legal blogging (blawg) world has a new name for our condition. It’s called Shirk’s Disease.

    Click on the following link for a description of Shirk’s Disease on the blawg Simple Justice.

  3. cold shoulder says:

    shirking responsibility seems to be the “order” of the day..so much for recognition of jobs well done…care for others…working together…i guess none of the latest election ideals reached JAX…seems more like the pre-60’s to me…can anyone verify that the latest cast-offs were truly escorted by armed investigators?..where’s Charlie Crist in this cesspool..after all, i remember him giving the commencement address at FCSL touting the rewards of service to one’s community and the nobility of defending those who may not be able to do so themselves…guess going into the military would have been more productive…

  4. david says:

    He fired them so he could give cars to all his JSO investigators for personal use???? What happened to being out of money? Those investigators will make it just like the Sheriff’s dept. The indegent does not have a chance in Jacksonville.

  5. Nelson says:

    They already do, david. They are being used as more of an internal security force. Rifling through attorneys offices and “escorting” them (weapons and all) from the building when they are fired.

  6. Plant says:

    It is a sad day in Jacksonville and surrounding PDO all over. Something tells me Shirk and his cronies will get paid back for what they do to others. Just give it time.

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