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DCSB and Pratt-Dannals need to cut administration costs

I ran across the following factoid while reading an editorial in the St. Pete Times today:

Duval County spends 0.48 percent of its budget on administrative costs, instead of in the classroom. That’s a higher percentage than spent in Miami-Dade County, which spends 0.37 percent, and Orange County, which spends 0.22 percent.

I recognize that cutting administrative costs will not solve the budget cut problems in Duval County’s school system. But, as the editorial said – it would go a long way toward assuring taxpayers and lawmakers that new money would reach the classroom.


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  1. Senator candidate Lovenguth says links about the St. John River need to be collected. I became quite informed on this matter during the 2008 at our coffee shop as some members of the River team held their meetings in Scribes.  Another reason I ran for district 5 state senate seat but although I did receive 72,000+ votes the counting ceased at midnight and I was out voted by a person wanting one last hurrah.
    Many of the people who did vote for me shared your concern regarding the river. I moved into Jacksonville four years ago just because of this river.  I’m now new to Florida however, my wife and I lived in Williston Highlands, over in Levy County, which is 72 above sea level and although somewhat a little like a dessert, we enjoyed the best lime rock filtered water in the state. What has been allowed to go on here is a sin, and its a sin of those elected and appointed to protect it; the river. They have failed and they have failed everyone including themselves they just don’t it yet. When their children get the cancer then they will recall what they allowed to happen to the St.Johns River on their watch, and for what? A few lousy bucks in their campaign war chest. Wake up people, you gotta be better then this! 
    Recently I was flying along the St. Johns River and photographed horrible leaching of fish killing polutants from a number of major facilities along the St. Johns River. “I will locate and expose those responsible, including those in the legislature who are protecting these polluters”, Also, “I’ve read they plan on tying this matter up in the courts until everyone just accepts (excepts) it, well when I am elected the next Senator from Florida this case will move so much little faster”; and those who delay will pay, in time!”
    This river is being used for the benefit of a major polluter who pays to play and you are right on track pointing them out.  Already today I have received 18 emails just on those who have / are destroying the Saint Johns River and I have 3 emails naming names.  Using the internet may be our only way to share this information and to gather enough information to act in a federal court in a class action suit.  Clearly the local, county, and state government doesn’t want to anger these big guys.  Enough of us little people have already lost therefore we have nothing more to lose.  I’m aboard and I know a lot of others who want to be.  Thanks for bringing this up and as a team we can stop those who are destroying what little is still able to be saved.  
    Thanks again for coming forward.
    George Anthony Lovenguth

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