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20,000 jobs lost in past year in Jacksonville

The state of Florida said Friday that 8.1 percent of eligible workers in Florida were without jobs in December, the highest number of unemployed since September 1992.

There were 752,000 people out of work in Florida, where roughly one of every 14 eligible workers is without a job.

Florida’s unemployment total is nearly a full percentage point above national average of 7.2 percent.


“The job market is really competitive right now, and it’s obvious Jacksonville has lost over 20,000 jobs in this past year,” said Candace Moody of WorkSource.


 December Unemployment Rate  

  Baker County   7.3%    
  Clay County   7.0%    
  Columbia County   6.5%    
  Duval County   7.7%    
  Flagler County   11.7%    
  Nassau County   7.3%    
  Putnam County   9.4%    
  St. Johns County   6.6%    
  Suwannee County   7.7%









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  1. FUNBANK says:

    As one of the 20000 let go in Jax last year I can say that the Worksource people need to get on the ball and start answering phone calls at the Unemployment Compensation office. I haven’t been able to get through every day for the last 2 weeks and still haven’t been paid any benefits. They only have the phones open from 8AM-3:30PM Monday-Friday. With unemployment this high in Florida there should be more assistance available. By the way Florida has the 2nd lowest maximum Unemployment Compensation in the US. What’s up with that?

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