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America the Beautiful

The beauty of American politics is on full display in Washington, DC today as the world’s most powerful country undergoes yet another peaceful transition of power. Lifetime rivals sit side-by-side on stage as America swears in our 44th President. Millions crowd the national mall. Regardless of what one’s political views may be, the sight is truly amazing to behold.

God Bless America.


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  1. Yaakov says:

    Obama is a usurper and has now broken the law. All he had to do was provide a vault long form birth certificate as McCain did, but then he would not be POTUS if he did. Obama is a British citizen to this day if not an Indonesian citizen. There is a Constitutional crisis looming on our horizon.

  2. abelharding says:

    Well, isn’t it wonderful that even the crazies can celebrate America today…lol.

  3. Jose says:

    Stuff it, k?
    I did not vote for the man, but he is the duly elected president of our nation.

    Get over it. You sound like the nutbags and their Selected not Elected crap after 2000.

  4. Yaakov says:

    I apologize gentleman I was under the impression that the US Constitution really meant what it said. I guess meeting 2 out of the three requirements for POTUS is close enough.

    Before you write me off, ask yourself a question, why didn’t Obama freely offer to have Hawaii release the birth certificate that has been verified to be on file there? He could put all of this contention to rest very easily, but he refused to do so. Why? I have nothing to hide and would show my LFBC as I have had to do for school, the military, and for my civilian job. It seems so simple. Again, I apologize if I offended you with my remarks, it was unintended.

  5. abelharding says:

    I suppose you also believe the House of Windsor is not the rightful royal family of the UK? 😉

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