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We just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to post and comment on Ed Gamble’s cartoon in the TU today.  But basically, Gamble’s cartoon says it all on our City officials and the Courthouse debacle.



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  1. why says:

    Great illustration, however I think we as a people, not just in this city but as a nation are doomed as far as government goes. We dont have enough of an attention span or even a care factor to really make the difference we have the power to.

    The last 20 – 30 years nationally, and at least the last 2 mayoral terms here (I remember a port scandal involving similar amounts of money.) have been wrought with scandal, missing money, fraud and worse. Yet we continue to let the media at large convince us our options are limited. That and everyone is perfectly happy with the BS as long as they can have their iPhones.


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