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Courthouse debacle embarrassing, but not criminal

The sealed grand jury report on the courthouse debacle – $64.6 million in taxpayer money spent with nothing to show for it – was obtained by the TU.   The thirteen page report lays out recommendations for the City as they continue to pursue building the Courthouse and recommends that if ground isn’t broken by this spring, or if there are continued financial problems, that future grand juries should be reopen the matter and investigate.

“Although this grand jury has found no evidence of criminal activity, it cannot express in strong enough terms the disappointment and frustration it shares with the taxpayers of this community,” the 13-page report concludes. “… The failure of the city to complete or even substantially begin the construction of a courthouse for eight years is an embarrassment.”

Taxpayer disappointment? Frustration? 

I’d call it utter disgust.

 The TU article has all the details.


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  1. spidey says:

    Littlepage had me cracking up this morning with his take on the grand jury remarks that appear to be a “smack down” of Rick Mullaney.

    Those who know Mullaney know that he is potentially interested in running for Mayor in 2011. He’s most likely just waiting for the okay from on high by Mike Hightower. Word is Hightower wants a state legislator to run for the office, though. I guess he’s had enough of “running the city like a business.”

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