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Another no bid contract to be considered by City Council

I was looking through the legislation to be introduced at the City Council meeting this Tuesday night, when I happened upon 2009-33.  This proposed legislation will raise the legal fees paid to outside counsel for the BJP eminent domain projects from $195 per hour to $ 285 per hour for partners,  from $165 per hour to $230 per hour for associates, and from $75 per hour to $125 per hour for paralegals. 

Whenever I see contracts being amended like this, and it doesn’t mention who the parties involved are, it always makes me wonder what’s going on behind the scenes. I was also curious as to why the City didn’t put it out to bid.  Surely they could get a better price for legal fees than this, couldn’t they?  And how would the City know they couldn’t get a better deal, if they never put it out to bid in the first place.  It sort of smelled like the Waste Management no-bid contract that we’ve posted about several times.

So I took a little closer look at the original legislation (2001-460) that approved the hiring of outside counsel to handle the City’s eminent domain cases for BJP projects.  And I bet you’ll never guess who was one of the outside counsels  that were hired pursuant to the legislation…..Paul Harden. 

Why am I not surprised?


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