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Peyton attacks Jacksonville media as “the worst”

In a wide-ranging interview with the Daily Record, Jacksonville Mayor John Peyton defended his current push for a no-bid waste management contract, while acknowledging that “it’s counter intuitive to saving money without bidding.” The Mayor displays an obvious distaste for the watchdog role of the media. He also goes out of his way to attack the Jacksonville media, saying:

The media, the media’s the worst. The challenge is the media doesn’t have the time or space to adequately cover some of the complexities we deal with. There is the desire to print headlines that are more sensational than reality. I am not sure the media has the city’s best interest at heart.

More about the ever-ballooning courthouse, Presidential Limo rides and how much money his father saved not having to pay his salary here.


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  1. spidey says:

    I’m guessing he misses Susie Wiles right about now. lol.

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