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Duval Schools: Let’s push for fat, uncreative kids

Duval’s public schools are reacting to the growing budget crisis by proposing slashing physical education and art classes. From today’s Times-Union:

Drastically reducing the number of arts teachers, freezing salaries and restructuring health care benefits are part of a $133 million list of cuts that Duval County Public Schools could make in the next fiscal year.

The district said last month it expects a budget shortfall of more than $98 million because of increased costs, less money from the state and having to make up for the $57 million it spent from its reserves in previous years.

The district projects its shortfall could balloon to $139 million if the state pushes forward with a class-size reduction initiative that was put on hold last year because of budget woes.

Let’s just make a concerted effort to increase the childhood obesity rate and educate children without any sense of creativity. That’s how we can build a world-class education system!


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