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Special session: A trip to a casino?

Great opinion piece from the Miami Herald this morning that the special session’s limited focus gambles on Florida’s future.  Unfortunately, lawmakers won’t be able to discuss any new fees or consider revising Florida’s tax structure without a 3/4 vote of the Legislature.  You see, that subject wasn’t included in the call for the special session.  So legislators will be forced to work within the confines of the agenda set forth by Governor Charlie Crist and agreed to by Ray Sansom, Speaker of the House, and Jeff Atwater, Senate President.

When economy trips, Florida falls hard

With Florida facing its worst budget crisis in decades, it is at least hopeful that state lawmakers have scheduled a two-week special session beginning Monday to deal with the crisis. However, merely scheduling the special session is where the optimism begins and ends. The special session, sorry to say, will be more like a trip to the casino than a serious attempt to resolve Florida’s long-term financial problems: The odds are set before the action starts.

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