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Ray Sansom’s Uneducated Boss

Ray Sansom, the embattled Speaker of the Florida House, may be spending his time in the Legislature fighting for more funds for his new employer–Northwest Florida State College–but he might also want to consider targeting some of those funds to properly educate his new boss, James Richburg.  Mr. Richburg’s Ed.D in Education/Anthropology from the University of Georgia apparently didn’t do much for his grammar.  This is rather apparent when reading Mr. Richburg’s e-mails (obtained by the St. Pete Times) to Mr. Sansom.  Mr. Richburg offers to give “advise” to the Speaker and decries Charlie Crist as a “populous” Governor.  Of course, “advice” is what Mr. Sansom undoubtedly wanted and Charlie Crist is one person.  While the state he governs is certainly a “populous” state, Mr. Crist would actually fancy himself a “populist.”  

One would assume that English courses are not a priority at Northwest Florida State College.  If indeed they are offered, perhaps President Richburg might benefit from signing up.


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