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Official call for special session is out

Today, the Speaker of the House, Ray Sansom, and the Senate President, Jeff Atwater, issued their joint call for special session to address the $2+ billion shortfall in the present fiscal year budget.  Much of what will be considered during special session closely mirrors the Governor’s agenda.

What’s not up for consideration:

Any increase in alcohol, tobacco products, and cigarette taxes (even though cigarette taxes haven’t increased since 1990).

What’s up for consideration:

Minor adjustments in user fees, sweeping trust fund revenues and balances, and increases in traffic enforcement fees and fines, as well as civil and criminal fees, fines, and penalties.

Also up for consideration is a $10 million dollar pilot stimulus program of loans to small businesses, and streamlining and flexibility (whatever that means) in educational programs, services, and use of funds.

The special session will begin at 11am on Monday, January 5th, and end at 11:59pm on January 16th.


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  1. abelharding says:

    Are we considering special funding for Northwest Florida State College?

  2. Bob says:

    Who wants to bet that the Justice Budget gets cut

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