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Miss Otis Regrets

Folio Weekly has printed their annual “Regrets and Resolutions” issue and we have to admit some are rather amusing. For example:

1. Daniel “Walshie” Walsh, candidate for state representative, regrets appearing shirtless and slam-dunking a basketball on his campaign website.
2. Adam Hollingsworth regrets allowing his soft spot for lady politicians in need to get the better of him during Tropical Storm Fay. Mme. Corrine Brown and Mme. Denise Lee regret the public finding out.

Their resolutions are assumed, of course, but equally as amusing…
1. St. Augustine Mayor Joe Boles resolves to tackle his unfounded fears of homeless people, which became evident during a interview with FW in which he referred to homeless as “scary” and “creepy.”
2. John Clark resolves to fly coach. (At least once.)

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