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City looking for ideas to raise cash

It seems the Mayor is fresh out of “Big Ideas”and has now had to “stoop” to asking citizens for ideas to raise cash.  We can think of a few:

Stop giving away money to businesses to locate to Jacksonville.

Don’t build the courthouse.

Revise legislation to pull independent agencies such as the airport, port, and transportation authority back into departments of City government so that taxing power is now available, meaning bonds can be issued for improvement projects, instead of using tax dollars.  That will also get rid of layers of highly paid executives (see our John Clark post). 

Sell JEA.

Increase permit fees.  The recent Council Auditor’s report has already demonstrated that building inspection isn’t making enough money in fees to support the program.

Put the Waste Management no bid contract out to bid – that will save a minimum of $14 million dollars over the life of the contract according to the Council Auditor.

Get rid of numerous appointed positions within the City, including Mayor’s Office Staff, AMIOs – those specialty positions within the City (appointed without City Council oversight) because they have no other positions for political friends, and  Deputy Director positions – the City went without them for years until Peyton’s reorganization added numerous new positions.

We are sure there are numerous other ideas out there, so feel free to jump in.


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