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Tallahassee (and Jacksonville) Cowards

The Republican members of the Florida House, including North Florida members Janet Adkins, Jennifer Carroll, Mia Jones (Practically), Charles McBurney, Lake Ray, Doc Renuart and Mike Weinstein, have said nothing—NOTHING—at all in reference to the ongoing scandals surrounding their Speaker, Ray Sansom. According to the St. Pete Times, only one Republican House Member—26-year old freshman legislator Rachel Burgin (R-Brandon)—has addressed the scandal and residents around the state are beginning to notice.

“Our household is so disgusted with the current Florida legislators for not speaking out and condemning what Speaker Sansom has done in enriching himself and bestowing favors to his college,” Marilyn Weaver wrote to two Pinellas lawmakers.

“Why isn’t he being investigated?” Arnold Gundersen pointedly asked Rep. John Legg, R-New Port Richey.

Fred Buchholtz of Safety Harbor wrote: “I had hoped that some action would have been taken by now to end the embarrassment to the Florida Legislature and the affront to Florida’s taxpayers.”

Dave Mulholland of Spring Hill wrote to lawmakers to praise MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, who excoriated Sansom. “(He) said what all of the cowards in Tallahassee have been afraid to say.”

One wonders how the members of the Duval delegation can ever fantasize about leadership positions when they have no leadership genes in their DNA.


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