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Historical Mayport

We discusssed Mayport’s historical significance the other day, but I thought I’d share this screen capture from a map that was passed to me. This is from the City’s own marketing materials, and the map is from the US Department of the Interior, dated April 2, 1934. It’s hard to read, but notice the designation of Mayport as “Site of Spanish Fort 1568.”

It’s also interesting to read up on where the Timucuan Indians actually lived. There’s a lot of history here in northeast Florida.


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  1. spidey says:

    The Mayport Navy League and CNIC Naval Station Mayport have lots of interesting information about the Mayport Naval Station and surrounding area. For instance, the Spanish built three forts in the area – one at the current site of the naval station, one immediately across the river, and one at the site of the fort on St. Johns Bluff. In addition, Naval Station Mayport was once a Confederate fort – Fort Steele – home of the Jacksonville Light Infantry at the beginning of the Civil War. Read more about it at https://www.cnic.navy.mil/Mayport/AboutCNIC/GeneralInformation/index.htm and http://www.mayportnavyleague.com/history. Also, a whole list of NE Florida forts can be found at http://www.northamericanforts.com/East/fl.html

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