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Local GOPer Tom Slade criticizes Crist for European trip

Tom Slade, long a fixture in local Republican politics, is one of quite a few members of the Republican party who are slamming Governor Crist for his recent trip to Europe.  The Republican Party of Florida spent more than $45,000 this summer on chauffeurs, a luxury hotel, meals and attractions in London about the same time Gov. Charlie Crist and others traveled there on a trade mission.

Slade, a former Party chairman from 1993 to 1999, was quoted in the Palm Beach Post saying: “During the period I was chair, we couldn’t have gotten away with that.  We just could not have possibly justified a trip overseas.” 

Two other members of the Republican party, who have been under increasing criticism lately for their spending habits also accompanied Crist on the trip:  RPOF Chairman Jim Greer and House Speaker Ray Sansom.


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