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Reggie Brown: Armed Robbery, Murder not “hard core”

Reggie Brown put his fledging political career on the line this week when he took to the stand in the trial of three Jacksonville teenagers charged with armed robbery and murder.  The newly-elected Jacksonville Councilman has spent years working in the black community as Executive Director of Project Reach, an organization that has worked to rebuild social structures that encourage accountability in Jacksonville’s poorest neighborhoods.  However, those efforts stand to suffer with Mr. Brown’s attempt to bargain for light sentences for the three teenagers who held Gate employees at gunpoint before fleeing from police.  Their attempted escape resulted in the death of their fourth accomplice when he pulled a gun on JSO officers.

“We’re not talking about hard-core individuals. What we’re talking about is young people who are lost,” Brown said in court.

Brown said he believes the teens’ sentences are too harsh, but then said, “When I say that, I have to be very careful. I know that we’re at a time now that we’re trying to make examples, but this is not where we are in life.

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