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Shirk wishes 5 more PDs a Merry Christmas by firing them

Matt Shirk axed five more attorneys from the Public Defender’s Office, bringing the total number of attorneys fired to 15.   The lucky five:  Tara Scudder, Stephen Mosca, Carr Smith, Lara Nezami and George Yazgi.  George Yazgi’s wife was fired in the first round just before Thanksgiving, leaving both of them unemployed now.  Again, claims are being made that the firings are for political, not fiscal, reasons.

Shirk’s comment on the firings?  None.  Despite repeated attempts by First Coast News to contact him, he has been unavailable for comment. Evidently he won’t be explaining himself until after he takes office.  I guess he’s too busy staring at his “pretty boy” self in his mirror to worry about anything else.


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  1. Facts says:

    again, you may want to revisit the facts before popping off. Nezami was not “fired” or whatever you want to call it. She resigned. And George Yazgi was a process server at the PD’s office having been disbarred several years ago.

  2. spidey says:

    Here’s a fact: Most people involved have not seen hide nor hair of “pretty boy Matt” since he’s been elected.

    Here’s another fact: If “pretty boy Matt” is so interested in setting the record straight, then perhaps he should quit hiding and come out like a man and answer reporters questions instead of letting others do his dirty work for him.

  3. g8rluvr says:

    Matt, is that you?? j/k. Gee Facts, you sure are a little touchy today. I didn’t think I was popping off. I was just reading off of the First Coast News’ article at the time. lol. I guess if Mr. Shirk had been available to answer questions their article would have been clearer. Sorry.

    BTW, you might want to be a little clearer in your statements. George Yazgi cannot practice law in Florida due to an incapacity NOT related to misconduct. He has had no disciplinary actions taken against him in the past 10 years – at least not according to Florida Bar records. So he is still a lawyer, he just isn’t able to practice law in Florida currently.

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