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Sansom has interesting fix for Florida’s $6 billion economic woes

Staring down a potential $6 billion budget hole next year, Ray Sansom, speaker of the House, has come up with the perfect idea – gut Florida’s regulatory programs – although he calls it streamlining permitting.  The Sansom family has no love lost for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and water management districts – beginning with Ray’s cousin, former legislator Dixie  Sansom, who served in Florida’s House of Representatives from 1984-1992.   All one need do is look at the legislation they’ve sponsored over the years – such as the speaker’s 2007 legislative sunset review bill which put environmental protection and water management programs up for sunsetting the very first year of review.  According to the Orlando Sentinel, Ray Sansom’s latest ideas sound amazingly like the agenda of Florida Homebuilders-type lobbying.  I guess he’s already stepped on too many toes with university funding and his new sweetheart job.

So, rest easy –  Sansom has it all under control.  We can all forget about the fact that Florida’s underlying tax structure is a two-legged stool.


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