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Sweetheart deals

I just took a look at the City’s proposed contract amendment with the Jags.  The legislation (2008-1096) to approve the contract will be introduced in City Council on Tuesday night. 

In the proposed contract, the City gets  25% of the revenue from naming rights for the stadium (let’s see 25% of nothing is nothing still, isn’t it?), and 10 free club seats (more free perks for the big shots).

And the City gives up advertising rights (the signs in and around the stadium) to the Jags (wasn’t $148 million in stadium repairs and upgrades enough?).    If the Jags’ advertising conflicts with a city event sponsorship, the City can take down the Jags’ advertisers signs but can’t replace them with their own sponsors signs – at the City’s own expense.

Somehow, I’m not feeling the love.


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