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Politics as usual

Ron Littlepage’s column today reminds me of the things I dislike about the City Council process and the green room.  You remember the green room, don’t you?  It’s had quite a storied history as a place where high powered lobbyists or Mayoral staffers could meet behind a closed door with Council members during council meetings.  Of course members of the public were never welcomed there. 

In the summer of 2007 with the heat on from City Council’s Sunshine Law issues,  then Council President Daniel Davis ordered that the door to the green room be removed, in order to “let the Sunshine in”.  He also ordered that the green room be limited to council members and council staff.  According to a Davis E-mail at the time, a council member could meet with a member of the public, a lobbyist, or a Mayoral staffer, but it would have to be at the council member’s request. 

And now we hear about Port officials “yukking” it up with council members in the green room, even while the FBI has subpoenaed one the officials’ records in their ongoing investigation of the Port’s business.  

Politics as usual.


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  1. gatorblue says:

    Well, we know one council member (who featured prominently in the Sunshine Law violations investigation) held a recent meeting with two JPA officials (who are reportedly targets of the ongoing FBI investigation). One can only assume what the topic was: a) the headaches of dealing with those pesky investigations that hinder backroom dealing or b) tips for surviving an investigation.

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