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Peyton: We don’t have money, but let’s spend $148 million on the Jags

They can’t manage to put together a winning season, but they seem to hold sway over the Mayor’s Office.

The Jaguars want the city to spend $148 million renovating Jacksonville Municipal Stadium — more than it cost to build 15 years ago.

Mayor John Peyton said Wednesday it’s time to start thinking about a slew of recommendations in a 2-year-old Jaguars-commissioned architectural review, which range from repaving the parking lot to replacing seating and upgrading video equipment.

Two days ago he said a slowing economy will prevent the city from finishing the Better Jacksonville growth management plan on time. The stadium came up as the Times-Union asked him questions about the city’s other infrastructure needs.

“These are 30-year-life-type deals,” Peyton said of the stadium. “It’s an ongoing city obligation we expect to honor.”

Still, he said at this point he’s unsure where the money would come from.

This does make perfectly logical sense, doesn’t it? Didn’t the Mayor just beg Congress for somewhere north of $700 million? (I’m assuming he doesn’t plan on informing DC that he intends to simply endorse the back of the check and hand it over to the Jaguars.) We don’t have the money to finish the Better Jacksonville roads. We haven’t figured out how we are going to pay for the courthouse, but let’s funnel money to the Jags.


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