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Weinstein the Magician

Mike Weinstein proudly proclaimed recently that he would be able to do both his job as SAO administrator and as our representative in the Florida House – that he would only be out of the SA’s Office for 2 months of the year for the legislative session which starts in March.  Oh, really?

The Speaker of the House recently released a tentative calendar of interim committee meetings.

December 15-18 Interim committee meetings

January 5-8 Interim committee meetings

January 12-15 Interim committee meetings

February 2-5 Interim committee meetings

February 9-12 Interim committee meetings

February 16-19 Interim committee meetings

March 3 Opening Day of the 2009 Regular Session

Looks like Mike will be out of the State Attorney’s Office for more than two months to me – unless he’s a magician.  You know, I guess he could be one.  After all, he did manage to complete law school in 2 1/2 years while working full time at the SA’s Office previously.


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