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Horror of horrors: Peyton uses the “T” word

Mayor Peyton has unveiled a $100 million road building proposal according to today’s issue of the Jacksonville Business Journal.  Under Peyton’s proposal, $50 million would go towards infrastructure investment in and around Jaxport, with the remainder going to Better Jacksonville Plan road construction projects.  

Although Peyton is calling the proposal a stimulus package, he used the “T” word (“taxes” !) in his announcement.  In order to finance the projects, Peyton is proposing that City Council extend the the six-cent local option gas tax past its 2016 expiration date.  In addition, Peyton is also asking the City Council and the JTA to change how much sales tax revenues the city gives the authority. Under his proposal, the annual rate increase would be changed from 6.5 percent annually to a rate that is reflective of the performance of the sales tax revenue.

Here is a related article in the TU.


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