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What do Duval’s House Republicans think of their Speaker?

I certainly haven’t heard any of the members of the Duval Delegation raise any questions about Florida’s new Speaker of the House, but questions are starting to surface about what he did to deserve his new $110,000-a-year job with a state community college (announced the day he officially took over as Speaker of the Florida House).  Certainly our Duval Representatives have an opinion on this?

Last spring, the agency overseeing Florida’s colleges made a list of budget requests in what was one of the leanest years in modern history. Northwest Florida State College was slated to get $1-million for a building project.

Yet when lawmakers signed off on the budget in May, the school had snagged $25.5-million — the single largest project of any college.

For that, it could thank state Rep. Ray Sansom, the Destin Republican who controlled the House budget.

The assistance, documented in a memo the St. Petersburg Times obtained this week through a public records request, highlights the close relationship between Sansom and the college president, Bob Richburg.

Last week that affiliation burst into public view when Sansom was given a $110,000 job as a vice president at the college.



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  1. spidey says:

    Is this beginning to be habit forming?

    From the Orlando Sentinel:

    “Last summer, former House Speaker Marco Rubio landed a $69,000 job as a “visiting distinguished-service professor” at Florida International University.

    In February, state Sen. Mike Haridopolos took a $75,000 job at the University of Florida to teach history and oversee interns.

    In September 2007, state Sen. Evelyn Lynn took a $2,300 per week job running a literacy center for Florida State University, a center she helped fund with state money. At least she had the good taste to forego her salary after her job started getting public scrutiny.”


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