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Hot City Council Topics

The Times-Union has coverage of the hot topics considered at last nights City Council Meeting.  What passed?  Commercial trucks parked in residential neighborhoods (Side note:  Council President Ronnie Fussell needs to work on respecting the public comment time.  I was shocked by the number of times he interrupted speakers [voters] in an attempt to undercut or belittle their opinions.)  What didn’t pass?  Cruise ships in Mayport and bailout money to the Gator Bowl Association.  Rest assured; however, it was just the required “public hearing” of these bills.  Don’t assume the Council actually took those opinions to heart.  Full report after the jump…

Issue: Zoning code amendments
What it means: Council members spent about an hour debating some finer points of the code, namely a portion making it illegal for people to park large work vehicles outside their homes. A plumbing truck is an example. Within a host of revisions to the zoning code, 10,000-pound vehicles are now allowed to be parked in residential driveways. Some residents who spoke were concerned the big vehicles would clutter up neighborhoods.
Bill No. 2008-969
Vote: Approved, 11-6.

Issue: Payment to Gator Bowl Association
What it means: The city is asked for $430,000 to help cover deficient ticket sales from the 2007 ACC championship game in Jacksonville. During a public hearing, one man said the city needed to develop a “stupid fund” to pay the Gator Bowl Association in a city where some people are starving. Others said football is a big part of the regional identity but argued the economy was too tough to warrant such a bailout.
Bill No. 2008-1019
Vote: No vote. Public hearing only.

Issue: Cruise ship terminal in Mayport
What it means: Residents lined up to oppose developing plans that would rezone property in Mayport and allow Jacksonville Port Authority to build a cruise ship terminal. Some said the terminal would besmirch the historic value of the village and rob residents of their waterfront, a backdrop for the local shrimping business. Port officials believe the terminal would give the area an economic boost. One resident said the rezoning legislation was “mean spirited,” a “violation of civil rights” and an “onslaught of greed.” Bill No.: 2008-893
Vote: No vote. Public hearing only.


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  1. spidey says:

    BTW, 2008-969 – the bill that allows huge trucks to park in residential neighborhoods – also included the 35′ height restriction mentioned in your “Clarifying” the building code post found below at https://jaxpolitics.wordpress.com/2008/11/24/clarifying-the-building-code/

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