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Cashin’ In at the JAA

Folio Weekly has a top-notch expose out this week on John Clark, the head of the Jacksonville Aviation Authority.  Serving as the head of an independent agency is quite lucrative—at least in Jacksonville, Florida.  Mr. Clark’s compensation ranks him as the highest paid airport executive in the state, even higher than Atlanta’s airport.  (And, in case you are wondering, Jacksonville comes nowhere close to competing with Atlanta, Miami or Orlando in terms of volume.)  According to Folio, Mr. Clark’s compensation includes:

  • Base salary of $241,000 (with an automatic 5% annual increase through 2012)
  • $850 monthly car allowance
  • $750 monthly cell phone/business expense allowance ($50 annual increase)
  • 100% coverage of health insurance premiums
  • Membership dues to the River Club or University Club
  • $15,000 annual retirement contribution
  • Business travel expenses, as needed, which included such things as $10,491 to attend this year’s London Air Show and $11,304 to attend an Airports Council International meeting in Shanghai

Folio pointed out that Mr. Clark recently ordered staff cuts at JIA, presumably to preserve the 30% operating margin that triggers an automatic 30% bonus payout to him ($72,300).  The City Council, particularly Clay Yarborough, Glorious Johnson and Bill Bishop, appear to have taken an interest in reigning in JAA by attempting to restrict his dictatorial powers to move around his budget.  With JAA operating at such impressive margins, perhaps its time for it to start contributing to the City’s general fund, much like another independent authority (the JEA) does…


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  1. g8rluvr says:

    That is just unbelievable. Who is approving that kind of compensation package?

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  4. Jennie Green says:

    Wake up Jacksonville. The days of the good old boys looking out for the guy at the top of the ladder is about to come to an end. Lets start setting the example at the top by cutting back on travel and expenses. Everyone needs their job. No one should loose their job or pension just so the big guy can live high off the hog.

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  7. daninjax says:

    Clark is AA and that makes Jaxport feel soooo good. He’s been here a while. He isn’t going anywhere. Service at JAX sucks top to bottom. From parking your car to trying to get LaQuisha at Starbucks to make a latte-if she can get off the cellie-it’s a disgrace. Included is the 500k spent on that ugly-ass “sculpture” at the entrance to the facility.The taxpayers of Jax and those who utilize the airport are getting it up the ass but good from Mr. J Clark. That salary package manipulation via downsizing at the airport is sickening. Drop your drawers and spread your cheeks Jax.

  8. steven says:

    He is cutting public safety next so he can keep his fat pay checks.

  9. steven says:

    He will mess up soon enough it is rumored that he is having sexual relations with one of his workers.

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  11. Space Coast Mike says:

    He’s almost hired at Indianapolis International Airport as of today. I guess corruption and power grabbing is rewarded after all!

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