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Dialing for Dollars

Things are already heating up in the race to fill Jim King’s State Senate seat when he retires in 2010.  It may be two years away, but the two declared candidates, Jacksonville City Councilman Art Graham (R) and former Florida State Representative Aaron Bean (R), have already been busy raising funds for what will probably be the hottest race in town.

Art Graham has already raised over $50,000 from such reliable sources as Auld & White Contractors Inc, John D Baker II, John D Clark III, Fidelity National, J B Coxwell and Howard Korman.  (Real Estate may be a depressed industry at the present time, but the current economic state notwhithstanding, Mr. Graham seems to be having no problem convincing the industry to pony up cash.)

Mr. Graham’s haul; however, pales in comparison to Aaron Bean’s staggering $164,000+.  That’s right, two years before an election to a post that pays less than $50,000, Mr. Bean has already collected six figures.  Aaron Bean’s donor list reads like a “Who’s Who” of Florida lobbyist and powerful PAC’s.  He has the unquestioned support of Florida’s medical and dental community with thousands of dollars raised in contribution from their respective political action committees.  The question Mr. Graham might want to ask of Mr. Bean is “Who raised more contributions from the actual residents/voters of the district?”  In that respect, Mr. Graham might have a shot.  Aaron Bean, despite his long-time Fernandina Beach residency, seems more focused on raising Tallahassee, South Florida, Georgia and New York dollars than those of his former constituents in the Florida House.

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