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Newly elected City Council members’ views on the Courthouse

Speaking of the Courthouse mess, both Reggie Brown and John Crescimbeni have evidently spent time thinking through the Courthouse debacle and how they would address it

Times Union: With a price tag of more than $350 million and a special counsel looking into where the first $65 million went, how would you like to see the courthouse project move forward?

Brown: We must establish an oversight committee, as well as an independent accounting system to monitor the spending with the courthouse project. … Additionally, I would like to see a stronger focus to increase employment [and] contract opportunities for local citizens that will assist in easing the current tension with our economy.

Crescimbeni: While the construction of the courthouse could provide much needed jobs, hopefully to local workers, it could easily end up costing more than twice what was originally approved by the electorate. For that reason alone, the voters should be allowed to weigh in again on whether this project should move forward.

Glad to see they are already at work on one of the more pressing issues facing City Council, even before they get sworn in to City Council this coming Tuesday night.


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