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Shirk & Corey – the dynamic ax-wielding duo

Not to be outdone by Angela Corey’s recent “bloodbath” at the State Attorney’s Office, where she let go of 21% of the State Attorney’s Office 376 employees, Matt Shirk has joined in the ax-wielding horror show.  Today, Mr. Shirk cut 13 Public Defender’s Office employees “without interviewing a single attorney or looking at a single personnel file”.  One of the attorneys Shirk fired, Pat McGuiness, gained worldwide fame for successfully defending Brenton Butler, who had been wrongly accused of murder.

Payback on the part of Corey and Shirk is now complete and it’s the justice system that will suffer.


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  1. gatorblue says:

    In my understanding, there is now only one death qualified attorney left in the Public Defender’s Office–a rather startling figure in light of the PD’s role. Additionally, an attorney regarded as one of the best DUI attorney’s in the business was let go.

    Perhaps most interesting; however, was who was not let go. Two individuals who have been suspected of illegal activities remain on the payroll.

    One would assume that Messr. Shirk would have at least bothered to open personnel files before making such drastic decisions, but its rather obvious that facts were not something that were taken into consideration here.

  2. Really? says:

    Please enlighten us as to the two suspected of criminal activity? Apparently, there was an e-mail sent to all employees at the PDO that this was only the “first round” so it’s likely there will be others. I can’t believe anyone would be surprised by any of this. I’ve also heard that Pat McGuiness referenced above and the face on the news yesterday had been telling everyone that would listen for the last two weeks that he would not work for Shirk and was going to resign. I’m also told that many others on that list planned to leave as well.

  3. g8rluvr says:

    What a spineless person Matt Shirk is. Not only did he not look at any personnel files for the 13 people he just let go, he wasn’t even man enough to tell them to their face. He just sent a list of names in to Bill White and told him to tell them they were fired.

    I have no respect for anyone who can’t “man up” and do his own dirty work.

    I wonder if Matt will be bringing Will Durden along with him. I hear that he will. Nice. Will was nolle prossed in 1997 from a solicitation of prostitution, possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana, and possession of controlled substance paraphernalia while HIS SISTER, Mallory Durden Cooper, was sitting as the judge in the case. Isn’t there some kind of rule against that?

    But this is the good part…..the powers that be are already lining up a Republican to oust Matt in 4 years, so he should enjoy the public trough while he can, and save up his money, because he’ll be gone in 4 years.

  4. spidey says:

    Really, really? Pat McGuiness has more professionalism in his pinky finger than Matt Shirk ever will in his entire body…at least Pat shows up to court for his hearings.

    I’m not sure who your sources are that are feeding you this information, but they couldn’t be more wrong. You should choose your friends more carefully.

  5. spidey says:

    Oh, I almost forgot…..the Parks Cathedral Homeowner’s Association lien against Matt Shirk that I pointed out months ago on another forum, still appears to be unpaid.


    If the link doesn’t work just go to http://www.duvalclerk.com and search the Oncore records.

    Yeah, Matt’s going to be a great Public Defender. ::sarcasm::

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