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What’s up with the Duval County Republican Party?

Rumors are that a changing of the guard is in the works.. This is relatively recent considering the current leadership has been in place less than two years…  I wonder what is driving the turnover?


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  1. Lovenguth says follow the links and ask questions and get back to basics to stabilize now

    Jorge Antonio Lovenguth writes that he has filed to become the democrat candidate for the 2010 Florida United States Senator election in order to serve the people of Florida and the United States of America without any baggage or lobbyist influences. He is a Marine Corps veteran who advocates and assist fellow disabled veterans and their families, is a prolific reader having an earned degree in English literature, and has provided Federal Aviation Administration Advanced Ground Instruction since the early 1980’s. Recently he was flying along the St. Johns River and photographed horrible leaching of fish killing polutatents from a number of major facilities along the St. Johns River. “I will locate and expose
    those responsible, including those in the legislature who are protecting these polluters” Also, “I’ve read they plan on tying this matter up in the courts until everyone just excepts it, well when I am elected the next Senator from Florida it will move a little faster”; and those who delay will pay in time!”

    Of great concern now are the issues of homelessness and the vacant homes throughout Florida and the United States which from his 25 years as a real estate broker in New Jersey and Florida provides him with direct insight on how to possibility meld these issues into a win win situation for everyone concerned. No one person can do everything in this life and these issues are vital and paramount at this time in Florida and across America.

    The recent criminal activities of many of the so called highly experienced legislators speaks loudly that not all those elected were capable to read and vote for the benefit of the people they were elected to publicly represent. The failures of our economic systems are a direct result of their lack of reading, judgement, and oversight as well as their voting for the interest of their handlers, their friends, and their family member’s. Recent documented history presents hundreds of examples of their failures and some have been incarcerated for their misdeeds.

    We the people of America are in dire straits due to their ways and means of presenting themselves as being highly educated and highly experienced, yet the facts of their failed efforts show they were and many still are clearly the legislative puppet of others. Floridians and all Americans must demand a new and fresh approach to who they want representing them from this day forth. The process for this is a fair election which allows for a complete counting of all votes and you the voter must do your own research. Please read and listen and do allow yourself to be so trusting of the media commercials portraying these candidates as highly educated and highly experienced. Ask yourself, has this candidate a history of actually representing you? Self educate yourself and vote for the person who will represent your concerns and interest as a resident and voter from Florida. Do not be fooled again! Thank you for reading and please continue to do so. I’d like to hear from all of you about what issues you want resolved. Please email me your thoughts on Florida and USA matters and let us keep America healthy.


    George Anthony Lovenguth
    Candidate Florida US Senator 2010

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