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Mom…..Ron Littlepage is picking on me!

It’s a war of words between Ron Littlepage and John Daigle over whether Dick Brown’s campaign ad misleadingly and unfairly suggested that the Times Union had endorsed him.

In an editorial last week, Littlepage accused Dick Brown’s campaign of “dirty tricks”. 

Speaking of the council at-large race, let me clear up any confusion that a campaign dirty trick used by Crescimbeni’s opponent, Dick Brown, may have caused.

The Florida Times-Union editorial board endorsed Crescimbeni in both the primary and the general election, yet Brown’s campaign produced an ad that said this: “We look forward to Brown’s leadership …” The Florida Times-Union, June 26, 2008.

What was up with that?

Brown’s campaign took the partial quote from a Times-Union editorial that was published June 17, not June 26.

And the editorial wasn’t an endorsement of Brown; it was about the City Council’s much criticized practice of using “lollipop” bond money, a practice Brown had said he was against.

Here’s the full quote:

“Still, we look forward to Brown’s leadership in trying to get rid of them, if elected. Or, if someone else wins, we hope that person takes up the cause.”

Using the partial quote is similar to the tricks used in movie promotions when a movie reviewer writes something like, “It’s a wonderful film, except for the hour and a half that’s dreadfully boring.”

Only “a wonderful film” makes it into the promo.

Today, John Daigle, Brown’s campaign person, responds in a letter to the editor calling the “attack” unjustified.

This is in response to Ron Littlepage’s recent column that described an ad by the Dick Brown campaign as a dirty trick.

Littlepage labeled the ad as dirty because it used part of a quote from a Times-Union editorial, and because that quote could have led some to the mistaken conclusion that the paper had endorsed Brown’s campaign.

The ad in question accurately reflected both the spirit and the letter of the editorial that praised Brown’s abilities and said that “we look forward to his leadership.” It never, in any way, represented that the Times-Union endorsed Brown’s campaign.

In almost two decades of honorable public service, Brown has never been accused of anything dirty or unethical. I consider this a cheap and unjustified attack on a man of great character.

As my momma always taught me, and evidently Brown hasn’t learned yet –

Your taunters go away quicker if you just ignore them, rather than calling your momma out to defend you.


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  1. gatorblue says:

    I would assume that John Daigle is still working hard to justify the thousands in “consulting fees” that Dick Brown no doubt feels that he might as well have flushed down the toilet.

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