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Jax hearts Jack Daniels

Except when he’s on a ballot…

Perennial candidate Jack Daniels didn’t bother with fundraising for his recent Duval County School Board race against W. C. Gentry.  After all, when you’ve have as many unsuccessful runs for office as Mr. Daniels has, donors are probably rather scarce.  Fresh off his losing bid for City Council District 11 seat (that featured Jay Jabour-style residency charges), Mr. Daniels pumped another $33,76.64 of his own money into the School Board District 3 race.  He spent $29,510.47 of that money, equating to a cost of $1.41 per vote.  As much as Mr. Daniels has spent of his personal money trying to obtain elected office in Duval County, he might receive more recognition with a lump-sum donation to the Salvation Army.  Who knows?  They may even be willing to name a building after him.


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