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Duval Democrats and the future

I thought I would share something that I blogged about before being asked to contribute here.  Much has been made of the future of the Duval Democratic Party and how the election of Barack Obama will change a party that has been a second class contributor to the local political debate for years.  In my opinion, nothing has really changed.

The election of a Democratic President has done nothing to miraculously change the Duval Democratic Party overnight.  It remains what has been for well over a decade–a dysfunctional body.  In a city where all (other than the outgoing State Attorney and Public Defender) elected Democrats were African-Americans from African-American dominated districts, the leadership of the local party remains dominated by older whites.  This tension became apparent when the Obama campaign came to town.  The campaign was forced to move out of DCDEC Headquarters after the young Obama workers felt harassed and un-welcomed by older white party stalwarts who resented the arrival of young, fired-up campaign workers.  The communication between the two parties was horrendous, with rival events occasionally planned at the same time.


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