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Peyton, City owe 60,000 people money

If you’re like most folks, you went ahead and paid the stormwater and/or garbage fees when the City billed you.  However, many folks were either exempt from paying the fees or the City calculated their fees wrong.  Now these citizens are waiting on refunds from the City……and they’re waiting….and waiting….and waiting. 

The City had promised refunds would be sent out in August.  But now it’s November and many people (approximately 60,000) still haven’t received theirs  – and thousands of refunds are still waiting to be processed.

In July, the Mayor’s Office was still trying to figure out how they would be sending out the 2009 bills.  I’m not sure if they have figured that out yet, but one thing for sure – the present system isn’t working.  Nothing new there.

If you owed the City money, you would be guaranteed that an attorney would have contacted you by now trying to collect your debt.  Why doesn’t that work both ways?


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  1. JaxLive! says:

    I suppose this must be how you “run the City like a business.”

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