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Jennifer Carroll and the campaign against no one

State Rep. Jennifer Carroll (R-Jacksonville) was unopposed in her bid for re-election to the Florida House, but the absence of opponents certainly didn’t stop her from churning through contribution dollars.  In all, Ms. Carroll raised over $44,000.  While certainly not an eye-popping amount, it was a sizeable amount for someone with no race to run.  Amazingly, Ms. Carroll managed to burn through the money…

Despite not having an opponent, Ms. Carroll managed to find a need for campaign consultants, paying Reliant Advisors (a company that offers limousine services and political consulting) a measly $12,000.  (It should be noted that although Reliant Advisors is not currently an “Active” corporation with the State of Florida, it was at the time Rep. Carroll employed their services.)  Ms. Carroll also managed to spend over $22,000 in printings and mailings promoting herself, as well as paying “Blue Water Direct” nearly $2,000 to survey her district and report back to her what her constituents actually wanted her to discuss.  She billed over $800 in cell phone bills–perhaps while driving to and fro mailing all of those postcards…

One of Rep. Carroll’s most interesting expenditures; however, was $1,472.39 to “Nex” for a “computer.”  There is a “Nex” that is registered with the Florida Department of State, but it is for a newly-formed company in Pompano Beach.  Rep. Carroll’s company had a Jacksonville Post Office Box.  One has to wonder why the good Representative didn’t simply make a visit to her local Apple retail store…  And, why would it be necessary to purchase a computer halfway through a non-existant campaign…


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  1. g8rluvr says:

    Well, what’s really interesting about Ms. Carroll’s relationship with Reliant Advisors is that the head of the company, Matt Justice,is also the chairman of International Relations for the Young Republicans National Federation. You may remember that he was one of the folks involved in the Al Jazeera visit here back during the summer.


  2. Horatio Salzar says:

    Can I be the first one to find amusement in the fact that the Young Republicans would have an International Relations Chair?

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