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Weinstein’s Payoff

Mike Weinstein, the former candidate for Jacksonville Mayor who was “persuaded” to drop his challenge against the Incumbent–John Peyton–prevailed against token Democratic opposition in his bid for the Florida House District 19 seat.  Weinstein, the former chairman of the Jacksonville Economic Development Commission outraised his opponent $327,808.17 to $6,565.60.  Through 10/30/2008, Mr. Weinstein had spent $177,810.22 of that money.  Most interesting, perhaps, is what those dollars were spent on. 

The residents of District 19 surely had to be wondering exactly what Mr. Weinstein was running for–the seat or a future Speaker of the House post?  The expenses would seemingly indicate the latter.  After all, why would one spend no less than $92,409.00 on no fewer than 9 different consulting and polling firms?

Mr. Weinstein also paid out more than $27,000 to Leigh B. Farnell, a former (?) employee of the McCormick Agency, which would seemingly indicate that he had a full-time campaign aide during his race–something rather unusual for a Florida State House seat.


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