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Duval GOP In Controversy Over Obama/Hitler Comparisons At Tea Party

The Republican Party of Duval County is backing away from their promotion of an event that featured numerous controversial comparisons of President Barack Obama with German Dictator Adolf Hitler.  The event, a Tea Party held at the Jacksonville Landing on July 2, was organized by the First Coast Tea Party.  However, the Duval County Republican Party promoted the event with e-mails that stated “Paid by Republican Party of Duval County.”  Duval Republican Party Chairman Lenny Curry also broadcasted live from the event on the party’s weekly radio broadcast hosted by AM 1320.

The event, which was attended by Florida State Representatives Lake Ray, Charles McBurney and Mike Weinstein and Florida State Senator Stephen Wise, drew about 1,000 people to the Jacksonville Landing.  Local party officials were on stage, along with numerous members of the Jacksonville business community.

While partisan rhetoric at any rally is expected, controversy has arisen over numerous signs that were prominently displayed at the gathering, including two that featured Barack Obama in Nazi garb.  One sign, in fact, had altered Obama’s appearance to resemble Hitler.  Other signs compared ACORN, the community organizing group accused of voter registration irregularities, with the SS—the Nazi organization responsible for enacting the Holocaust and the group responsible for most of the crimes against humanity committed by the Third Reich.

Several local GOP activists privately expressed shock that elected officials would be seen at any event that featured comparisons of Obama with Hitler.  What surprised some of them the most; however, was the fact that the Duval County Republican Party would feature pictures from the event—complete with Obama/Hitler comparisons—on their Facebook fan page.

While the party has stated that they did not officially “plan” the event, the fact that they heavily promoted it and featured the controversial pictures on their website, has left them open to the ensuing controversy.

Picture 20

Picture 21More pictures below:

Picture 27

Picture 2

State Reps Lake Ray and Charles McBurney with State Senator Stephen Wise

State Reps Lake Ray and Charles McBurney with State Senator Stephen Wise

Picture 16Picture 22Picture 28

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  2. ha jaxson says:

    it is odd that no mention of these signs or hitler comparisions made it into the other reports about this event

  3. Abel Harding says:

    Interesting point, ha jaxson. Perhaps others were worried they would be seen as bashing Republicans if they pointed it out. However, if this were a Democratic rally and people were parading Bush/Hitler signs around, I would be just as obligated to call it out. Particularly if there were local officials present and it was promoted by the local party.

    It’s insulting to the survivors of the Holocaust for anyone to compare a president of the United States, whether Republican or Democrat, to Hitler. Raising taxes or leading the country into a war that proves unpopular is not comparable to slaughtering 6 million people. That is, of course, my personal opinion. Others may think differently.

  4. gehs72 says:

    If you’d attended the tea party, you would have seen 100s of signs that were individually made. From what I saw, only 3 – 5 made comparisons to Obama becoming a tyrannical dictator such as Hitler. Is this blog overstating the free speech demonstration of individuals – obviously so; do the sign creators have a valid point – probably not, however they certainly have reason for concern with Obama’s Chicago-style strong arm tactics with the political agenda Obama & Pelosi are cramming down our pocketbooks.

  5. Billy says:

    Abel, They still have all of these pics with many more childish signs on their facebook page, if the local party is really “backing away” from such drivel, I wonder why they feel the need to post the pictures of the signs with no further comment.

  6. Southern Girl says:

    Like ha jaxson, I’m surprised that no other media in town (read: the T-U) made mention of the Hitler signs. I’ve been reading the UrbanJax string this week about ways the T-U could make itself over and survive — this is yet another example of how they just don’t have the bandwidth/journalistic talent on board (or the editorial horsepower and intelligence) to provide the coverage their readers deserve. Another example of the provincial media in this one-party town. The T-U is Jacksonville’s Fox News — gives the loyal what they want to hear.

  7. johnsteve says:

    Facebook is a social network. I have seen some pretty nasty things on Pres Obama’s social networking sights. It is disingenious to accuse the party and its leadershi of this behavior. The Party seems to have a very open and positive tone in Duval County these days. I attend the meetings. They are open, inclusive and positive. Many have said this is a new day. yet you people want to tear down.

  8. Independent says:

    First of all the Duval GOP Facebook page is an “OPEN” group and anyone including Independents, Democrats, RLC, etc. are welcome to post pictures, wall post or links on the groups page.

    I would assume this is because they (Duval GOP) values everyones opinion and it allows for open debate. (something the Democrats and Mr. Obama avoid at all costs. Example: His pre-filtered people and censored question town hall meetings and bills having amendments put in them at 3am in the morning the day of the vote) for anyone to attack the local GOP party for this is irresponsible at best.

    The Tea party is run by a nonpartisan organization and I’m willing to bet they didn’t make those signs either nor would I hold them responsible for them.

    It is sad that anyone would try to spin this to look like anyone other then the sign maker is somehow responsible for or promoting that type a sign.

    Worst of all the writer of this article named people like Representative Lake Ray and tried to imply they support those signs. That is pathetic. Most of the people there were there to protest spending and taxes and were not parading around with offensive signs. Anyone with half a brian that follows Representative Ray work for the state would know he was more then likely there to show support for those opposing spending and taxes.

    Picture were taken of an over all event and posted for anyone to see “ALL” the opinions of the people attending, not a censored, watered down, make someone look good tactic. Like other do.

    I support the Duval GOP for posting all the pictures, whether they agree with them or not .

  9. jeff says:

    You idiots better wake up. The liberal news media spews hatred and tries to destroy anyone who is not following their liberal agenda. Just ask Sara Palin. Hate God? Don’t want english as your national language? Want higher taxes? Happy with 3 trillion dollars to bail out the rich and all the scumbags that put this economy in turmoil ? Happy that ACORN stole your vote with 1.9 millon false votes in swing states that only takes 1000 votes to change the outcome? Now Obama is getting rid of the Attorney General because he was investigating Acorn, and he is trying to give this and other liberal organizations billions of your tax dollars so these traitors can steal this country right out from under your nose. Say a lie enough times and idiots will believe it. Just ask the filthy liberal news media. If your happy with all this then you must be a liberal traitor

  10. Wills says:

    I am not happy with any of it. It does not mean that I think that comparing a sitting president to Hitler is anymore productive than when the libs were doing it.

    Also, it is an Inspector General, not an Attorney General. Next time just cut and paste from Limbaugh’s website instead of attempting to transcribe, that appears to be a bridge too far.

    But you are correct, the firing of the IG’s was very suspicious, just as the firing of US Attorneys under the Bush Administration for political reasons was unacceptable. Remember that? Didnt think so.

  11. Wills says:

    Those pics were posted by Steve Heckel the DCREC technology chair. This is not just some idiot off the virtual street.

    You attempt to frame this as some kind of stand for free speech is noble but flawed. Sure people have the rights to have the signs, but posting crap like that without any sort of comment on your official facebook site would imply agreement. If they wanted to post it but didnt agree with it, they should say the this is not something the we as DC Republicans endorse. It is a simple matter of using the caption.

  12. jeff says:

    Wills, you are right it is inspector general. I’m sorry that you are a liberal but its not my fault. You have been brainwashed by liberal tv. Typical liberal tactic to find one missed word and try to destroy the message and the messenger. My message was clear there was nothing in it comparing obama to Hitler. But your right, liberals did it to Bush 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You justify obamas actions acceptable because Bush fired some US Attorneys, for completely different reasons. You must not be aware that Bush is not our sitting President any more. We now have a President who said: I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction. Read his book and see for yourself. Stay off the liberal channels and see what is really going on in your Country before it is too late.

  13. subvertednation says:

    Yeah, why compare him to Hitler. He is more like STALIN!!!! Same people behind him as Stalin too. Sick, because during the Bolshevik revolution, these terrorists that put Obama in office murdered up to 58 million people. Real answers at “hate” site here: http://www.subvertednation.com Screw these violent, oppressive, deceitful, usurious, pedophile invaders.

  14. Larry says:

    Wow. Not sure where to start. Lots of hate being spewed forth here. That last comment in particular leads to a very offensive anti-semitic site. Doesn’t sound like anyone was accusing the elected officials of condoning the signs, it just sounds like people wonder why they didn’t say anything.

    The real question to ask Stephen Wise, Lake Ray, Charles McBurney is why they went to a rally opposing federal spending just a month after they relied on billions of that stimulus spending to balance Florida’s budget. Remember, if it wasn’t for the Obama stimulus plan, which has put us trillions in debt, Florida wouldn’t have been able to balance its budget without cutting about $3 billion from spending. All of these elected officials were on board with the budget, meaning by their vote they implied support of Obama’s spending. How could they then go to a rally opposing it? Double speak? Hypocrisy?

  15. Southern Girl says:

    God help us…you folks are just plain brainwashed. Turn off Fox and Rush for a day and you’d be speechless.

    Where the hell were you for the past 8 years while our last president dug the trench that we’re in? Huh? WHERE WERE YOU?

    It’s convenient to forget that, but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t on their watch that unemployment began its spiral, the banking industry imploded and our country threw away its treasure on a war based on lies.

    You lost an election. IT’S OVER and Obama is President. If you want to get back in power (which doesn’t mean you ever want to govern — again, evidenced by the past eight years), you are going to have to quit whining and come up with something more tangible than “lower taxes, no regulation” — look where that approach has gotten OUR country.

    Because, on this 4th of July, let’s all remember that it is OUR country. It doesn’t belong to one party or another.

  16. Wills says:

    The fact that you completely missed my point is not lost on me. IG’s and AG’s are two very different animals, the mistake was not indicental it was material.

    Second, I am NOT a liberal, never have been, not liking a hypocrite does not make me a liberal, it makes me a realist.

    Note again, if you will actually read my post, that I did not say it was “OK” for Obama to fire the inspector general, it was not OK, it was wrong and unethical, I did not say they are “equally OK” I said they are EQUALLY WRONG.

    In closing, think it through a little before you call someone a liberal, just because we dont think a purpose is served by calling a sitting President Hitler does not make me a liberal. It does make me a conservative who thinks that the message that Obama is a closet socialist will get lost in the fact that Hitler was mass murdering marmongering, ultral nationalist scumbag on top of being a national socialist. Do you see how this muddies the issue?

  17. johnsteve says:

    the point is that it is a beyond a stretch to report that the Rs locally condone calling Pres O Hitler. Have any of you met local leadership?

    Not liberal reporting, just sensational reporting that gave this blog the attention it wanted. And it worked, here I am responding with the rest of you

  18. Wills says:

    I know alot of the local leadership, some are good stand up guys (IMO) like Charman Curry, which is why I was suprised that he thought it was a good idea to allow this kind of crap up on his site.

    If the local leadership did not condone this kind of crap why did they allow it to be placed on their site without any comment to the effect of “We think this is a little over the top”

  19. Southern Girl says:

    The attendees who added the offensive photos to the Duval County Republicans’ Facebook page were:

    Stephen Butters: google search lists him as an Editor at WJXT and
    Stephen Heckel: owner of Protocol 3

    Then there’s the ultimate denier — Rick Hartley — who is with Hartley Printing. If you all leave these photos on the Facebook page, you’re endorsing them. It’s that simple.

    I urge anyone who is frustrated by the local GOP organization’s lack of true leadership here to let these individuals know their actions have consequences by either boycotting their business (Protocol 3 and Hartley Printing) or, in the case of Mr. Butters, changing the channel away from WJXT.

  20. Abel Harding says:

    A statement from Duval REC Chairman Lenny Curry:

    (Jacksonville, Fla.) – Duval County Republican Executive Committee (DCREC) Chairman Lenny Curry issued the following statement today following the blog-generated controversy regarding the DCREC’s role in the First Coast Tea Party held on July 2.

    “The DCREC had no role in the planning, organization, agenda, invitees, or speakers at the Tea Party. The DCREC merely used its extensive e-mail list to help promote awareness and participation in the event as a service to its members. The DCREC’s e-mail included a “paid for” disclaimer which is required by state law regarding political communications. That disclaimer accompanies all of our communications and did not concern sponsorship of the event in question mentioned in the e-mail.

    The DCREC does not condone racism or anti-Semitism in any form or fashion. While these types of behavior occur in small numbers — and which are present in all political parties and cross all socio-economic lines – they should not, will not, and are not tolerated by the DCREC.

    I believe Tea Party officials made the right choice in not bringing further attention to those few people in attendance holding inappropriate signs by forcing them to leave or to put their signs away. Refusing them entry into this event or calling them out for their ridiculous signs would have given them a larger platform than they deserve.

  21. Abel Harding says:

    It should be noted that comments on this post have been closed because of the tendency of numerous anonymous users to personally attack some of the businesses and individuals mentioned in the article or present at the rally. JaxPoliticsOnline.com does not wish to be associated with any personal attacks or calls for boycotts. After this article received over 1,200 views on Sunday afternoon, it was deemed appropriate to close the thread before more comments of that type were made.

    Anyone who wishes to comment is free to do so by signing into Facebook and visiting JaxPoliticsOnline.com’s Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/JaxPoliticsOnlinecom/97895426303?ref=ts

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